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Proceeding from all of it, for receiving more objective N of exact results often is desirable to unite these two approaches within the uniform combined method complex (quantitative and at the same time qualitative) the comparison of the separate markets connected with use of the quantitative indicators and indicators characterizing specific importance of the corresponding market parameters by their weighing.

Thus the similar method has to be rather simple and evident, not demanding profound knowledge of mathematics. It also has to provide opportunity to use in the course of comparison of the markets of a large number of various indicators, and also possibility of participation of practical workers when ranging these parameters, proceeding from goals.

Distribution in an invariable look is successful in one cases and disastrous in others. When the General Fudz firm let out on the British market the dessert of" Dzhello" in a usual powder look, it appeared that English consumers prefer to buy it in the form of briquettes and flat cakes. Distribution in an invariable look is attractive because does not demand additional costs of research and development, re-equipping with production or modification of stimulation practice. However in the long-term plan it can be business expensive.

The imitating mathematical model thus acts as a peculiar analog of the market, with the corresponding degree of adequacy to real objects which is defined both opportunities of the used analytical device, and accuracy of information and statistical base, the purposes and problems of the conducted researches etc.

Adequacy of model to real market processes is defined by that set of its elements is connected with the characteristic of the studied market in such a way that mathematical constructions with necessary degree of accuracy reflect the actual functioning of the considered system.

Importance and relevance of application at a market research of the modern analytical device is that it, in the presence of adequate theoretical ideas of the considered objects, gives the chance to consider relationship and interactions of considerable number of various factors and parameters, providing essential economy of means when obtaining necessary information.

Traditionally at the solution of the majority of economic problems of classification and ranging two main approaches are applied: heuristic, based on some assumptions, knowledge and intuition of experts, and mathematical, based on formalization of the studied processes.

Some firms encourage the international offices on creation of own advertizing. The Shvinn firm releasing bicycles can beat in advertizing to the United States a pleasure subject, and in advertizing on the Scandinavian countries — a safety subject.

The firm acting in the international market has to consider surely in a complex problems of bringing the goods to end users. On rice three main links between the seller and the final buyer are presented.

Thus the used model is formed so that its separate equations reflected the real interrelations existing in the studied markets. Difficulty of it is connected mainly with complexity of the modern foreign trade markets, simultaneity of commission of many actions, their variety and a continuity. From here objective need of approximation for model constructions, allocations of the most important relations considered by imitating models, simultaneity replacement with sequence and so forth follows.

The invention of a novelty consists in creation something absolutely new. This process can act in two versions. The regressive invention — renewal of release of goods in its earlier existing forms which are well adapted for satisfaction of needs of this or that country.