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Insurance - one of three spheres of a financial system. For insurance at the same time the economic relations only on redistribution of the income and accumulation connected with compensation of material and other losses are characteristic. Thus, insurance is connected with the probabilistic movement of monetary form of ownership. Insured event can not come. For insurance all signs of finance are characteristic, but it has also the distinctive signs:

Insurance is a set of the special closed redistributive relations between its participants concerning formation at the expense of contributions of the insurance funds intended for compensation of material and other damage to the enterprises, the organizations and natural persons.

Protect first of all interests of the insurer, but in no small measure and the victim. Insurance of responsibility in a certain degree reduces responsibility of insurers (responsible for violation).

Often widespread mistake leads to increase in time of customs registration, to increase in expenses on storage on SVH, to idle time of vehicles, penalties for overdue delivery, a penalty fee for use of someone else's money if fee of the broker, including customs payments is made previously.

For insurance the closed redistributive relations between its participants connected with a solidary apportion of an amount of damage of one or several subjects on all subjects involved in insurance are characteristic. It is the closed apportion it is based on probability of that the number of affected farms usually are less than number of participants of insurance. As a rule, the number of victims has to be significantly less numbers insured. For the organization of the closed apportion of damage the monetary insurance fund formed at the expense of contributions of all participants is created. The size of an insurance premium represents a share of each of them in an apportion. Thus, the wide range of participants, the less sum of an insurance premium and they more available. Obligatory insurance involves the greatest number of participants, therefore less insurance tariff and risk.