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In a condition of physical ripeness layer of the soil shows weakness in resistance to soil-cultivating tools. It occurs from - for good its ostrukturennost thanks to it it well crumbles and does not stick to working bodies. In general soils can be characterized as fertile with a good microstructure and water physical properties.

Production of new grades — is fine opportunity to raise quantitative and quality indicators of production of plant growing, to optimize technologies and as a result to achieve increase of economic efficiency of commodity production.

The drought in Western Siberia is observed in the first half of vegetation. Occurrence of years with an early summer drought – 28%. But sometimes, having begun in the first half of vegetation, it covers also its second half. Probability of such years – 12-14%. The same repeatability of the drought taking place in the second half of vegetation.

The organization of agricultural production — is a wreath of agronomical science. it includes a set of disciplines, among which both purely agricultural, and economic. from agricultural sciences sciences are most closely connected: plant growing, animal husbandry, land management and systems of agriculture; from the economic: management and marketing.