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In the South and the Southeast of China the evergreen subtropical forests in which it is possible to find a cypress, laurels, varnish and grease trees, and also a relic tree of Kuiningkhemi stretch. Rainforests in the original state remained only on the island of Hainan.

Not the last place is taken by China and on cultivation of tea which is used as medicine since the IV century of our era, and since the VI century it becomes the standard drink. Still the majority of grades of green and black tea goes almost only for export. Tea is grown up in the Provinces of Zhejiang, by Hunan, Anhui, Ftsza.

In China get: coal, oil, magnesian and iron ores, tungsten, honey graphite and tin. Within the Sinai board the coal-fields, largest in the country (which on the origin goes back to the Jurassic Period), oil (mainly mesozoic and meso-Cainozoic the period are concentrated. Fields of non-ferrous and rare metals the largest of which is the tungsten field winning by the sizes first place in the world are located within the Southern Chinese massif, here also extract antimony, tin, mercury, molybdenum, manganese, lead, zinc, copper, etc.

The soils accompanying forest associations are typical for east part of China, and the most widespread in this territory are: the cespitose and podsolic, brown forest - in mountains and meadow dark-colored - on plains of the Northeast. Zheltozema, terra rossas and laterites, mainly are widespread in mountain versions in the south of the country.

Deer, elks, leopards, brown bears, boars, monkeys, porcupines, gibbons, battleships and even the Indian elephants are most widespread and numerous. The Southeast territory of the country is richest with animal species.