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Such polysemy of the term "state" is not casual. It follows from essence of the state not only as class, but also as the universal organization urged to provide integrity of society. This polysemy is caused also by the organization of the state, in structure

Along with mediatorial functions in the relations between the dominating and subordinated social groups, the dominating group is also compelled to act as the arbitrator and in the conflicts between various parts.

the state institutes there were dogosudarstvenny forms of social self-control, self-organization of human communities. Long time quite effectively governed human relations, fastened human communities, doing them capable to joint activity and mutual support, tradition, norms, customs which were supported by authority of elders and opinion of all members of a tribe, sort, patriarchal family.

Influence of the state on the population has general character. Each person living in the territory of a certain state, including and foreign citizens, submits to the uniform power. However it does not mean at all that the population of the state is uniform in every respect. The people are community, not uniform in the structure. In its framework various class, class, ethnic and other communities possessing specific social and economic and spiritual interests coexist. But the people as a component of the state act as the integrating community in relation to the social groups entering it.