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Because the GRV mode assumes a considerable of the modes of working hours, its is the main condition sufficient autonomy of workplaces, controllability of results of work of the performer (the volume, qualities.

The modes of flexible working hours are effective only if upon transition to them features of production, a condition and nature of work of this or that category of workers and if they are entered are considered where it is valid and expedient.

Indispensable condition of effective use of the sliding (flexible) schedule is the exact accounting of hours worked and effective control of the fullest and rational use of working hours by each worker.

The sliding (flexible) schedule of work, as a rule, has to provide time when workers are obliged to be on the workplace; time within which workers have the right to begin and finish work at discretion, and also breaks (not less than 30 minutes and no more than 2 hours) which workers have to

Proceeding from duration of the accepted registration period and some other conditions, distinguish some types of the constructed modes of flexible working hours. The flexible working day, flexible working week and especially flexible working month is applied.

At making decision on preparation of division, the enterprise to transition to the GRV mode ­ to provide the high level of the organization of production, work and labor discipline. Therefore work on the transfer to the GRV mode has to be combined with implementation of a complex of actions for increase of level of the organization of work on concrete workplaces, sites, in shops and divisions.

As practice of a number of the enterprises and organizations of various branches of a national economy shows, there are real opportunities to use sliding (flexible hours not only for the women having children but also for wider contingent of workers. According to incomplete data, countrywide the modes of flexible working hours are entered approximately at 80 industrial enterprises, in the research and design organizations of various ministries and departments.

Opportunity to work on the GRV mode is available practically for all types of workers if its application does not conduct to violation of technology production (or administrative) process, to violation of production communications and disorganization or deterioration of work of other production divisions, infringement of interests of the third-party organizations and certain citizens, does not cause material damage of a national economy.