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The firm supplier undertakes to render in case of resettlement of the lessee and cancellation of a leasing to the buyer (Leasing company) on a conscientious basis assistance at shipment of objects of the transaction, by their transfer or use in any form. For such assistance the compensation which is limited to a will be coordinated between the firyomoy-supplier and the Leasing company.

The leasing company will pay purchase price to firm supplier after the made acceptance of object of the leasing transaction (about what the acceptance report is formed) and document transfers according to points 1 — 5 on the back, and she, however, is not responsible for the expenses connected with delivery. The leasing company concedes to firm supplier all claims which are due to it as the owner of object concerning a which resulted from a vain. She is not responsible for correctness, possibility of collecting, trial and expenses on seizure of property in connection with vain delivery.

At the same time the Lessee and the User, however, claims that the given shortcomings do not essential violation of functioning of object of the leasing transaction and that so in force its duty to pay leasing contributions completely remains.