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Marketing strategy (the behavior on a medical rynk is subdivided on strategists concerning a product (service) and strategy concerning the market. The following can be the directions of a marketing strategy for medical institutions:

The principles of development directed on optimization of relationship and increase of efficiency of collective activity. It is discipline, justice, submission of individual interests by the general, cooperative spirit, constancy of the personnel, remuneration, etc.

Democratic style when the leader adheres to the principle "one person - one voice". Such leader induces employees to participate actively in decision-making, everyone is personally controlled and induces to active actions.

Marketing is the complex activity of experts in the organization of production, sales of products and realization of services focused on satisfaction of requirements of the population taking into account the demand revealed earlier and possible profit. In structure of marketing an important element is the concept of requirement.

Personal style when the head follows the motto "first of all people, and business-then". Trusts people, appreciates the kind relations in collective. As incentive provides to employees side benefits, feeling of comfort, safety, tranquillity.

Aspiration to set rate of work. The leader seeking to carry out more itself undertakes many tasks, works hard, assuming that other employees will follow his example, gives much opportunity independently to plan and work.

Management arises when there is an association of people for joint performance of any activity. The operating party (the subject of management), operated - objects of management (collectives, certain workers). A basis of administrative activity makes ways of impact of managing directors on objects of management. The analysis of management is defined by the principles, methods, functions and the purposes of management.