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The organizations exist for achievement of the purposes facing them. Extent of realization of these purposes shows how effectively the organization works, i.e. organizational resources are how effectively used.

Nonconventional methods of certification started extending enough recently - 10-15 years ago therefore them still often call experimental. Nevertheless, some of them already found broad application and were strongly approved as "standard" methods of performance appraisal of many companies. Certainly, CERTIFICATION is among such methods "360 °".

Personal plan of the employee. One of results of certification interview is the approval of the personal plan of the employee for the next certification period. A basic purpose of the plan - development of "recipe" for increase of overall performance of the employee. There are some forms of such plans though the individual development plan and the personal purposes are the most widespread (and complementing) now.

Successfully to conduct certification interview, the head has to be prepared for it carefully. The main elements of preparation are: carrying out the weighed factual evaluation of the work of the employee taking into account duty regulations and the individual plan for the expired period; judgment of the development plan of the employee for the next period, premeditation of the detailed plan of carrying out interview. It is natural that it is impossible to be prepared for interview suddenly, the attention of the head to work of the employees during all certification period for this purpose is required.

This method differs in simplicity, small costs and general availability. It is not required to the head of neither special preparation, nor considerable expenses of time or other resources. Use of this method also provides uniformity of certification of all employees.