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During preparation of the building for defense it is necessary to create a stock of ammunition, especially manual grenades, a stock of the food, medical property and drinking water, and also to provide necessary fire-prevention means.

Positions of offices get out in places which exclude possibility of collapses, landslides and floodings to provide defeat of the opponent with many-tier flank, cross and dagger fire to exclude existence of dead spaces.

For a control of operations the commander mechanized (grenade, anti-tank) a platoon accommodates in the building which is defended, and selects command observation post in such place, approaches to the building from where are looked through. The commander tank to a platoon operates fight from the tank.

Preparing the building for defense, it is necessary to put windows and doors a brick or bags with sand (earth), to arrange loopholes and embrasures, to do the courses in ceiling and interfloor overlappings, to adapt the cellar of the concrete building for a warehouse. Rise to the building are covered with engineering protections.

In case of the opponent's vklinivaniye in defense of division should not allow fixing it in settlements, in separate structures and in the wood. In such places the concentrated platoon fire prepares in advance.

In cross-country conditions on positions, in entrenchments and shelters drains are arranged. For the purpose of the prevention of washouts and collapses of a wall of entrenchments, trenches and other fortification constructions become stronger, infantry fighting vehicles, armored troop-carriers and tanks become on lezhn.

Attack of the opponent beats off a platoon (office, the tank) fire of all means with broad use of grenades. Most of all precisely to destroy the opponent's tanks from the top circles in places which limit their maneuver (on rises, serpentines).