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5 the party which broke a schedule pays For each case of violation of the coordinated schedule of shipment (delivery) of goods to other party a penalty of 1 percent of cost of the goods which are not shipped (not delivered) or not accepted in time.

The manufacturer (supplier) guarantees quality of goods in general, including components and components. The warranty period for components and components is considered equal to a warranty period for the main product and expires along with the expiration of a warranty period for this product if other is not provided by the standard or specifications on the main product.

At untimely payment of the put goods the buyer (payer) pays to the supplier a penalty fee at a rate of 04 percent of the sum of a back payment for each day of delay. In that case when the buyer (payer) is the collective farm, the specified penalty fee is paid at a rate of 03 percent.

Early delivery of goods can be made with the consent of the buyer. The goods put ahead of schedule and accepted by the buyer are paid and set off on account of quantity of the goods which are subject to delivery in the next period.

4 the supplier pays For delay of delivery or short delivery of goods to the buyer a penalty at a rate of 4 percent, and on jewelry and hours from precious metals — 1,5 percent of cost of the goods which are not put in time on separate names of the range.

5 till 15 days the buyer (recipient) pays For delay of return (delivery) of container, means of packing, specialized containers or container equipment to the manufacturer (supplier), other enterprise-taropoluchatelyu or the tarosobirayushchy organization a penalty of 150 percent of cost which are not returned (not handed over) in time container, means of packing, specialized containers or container equipment, and over 15 days — 300 percent (including earlier paid sums of sanctions).

The put goods of one name entering into this range are not set off in a covering of short delivery of other name, except cases when delivery of goods is made from the prior written consent of the buyer or when the buyer accepted goods for use. In the specified cases the undersupplied goods are not subject to completion.